As the the future boots on the information age, one question baffles the prognosticators: how come the Starship Enterprise has mega-computer systems and not one single program bug? Could it be that some day the great laws of software failure will be broken? Until then, for those who network cyberspace in search of ordered data, we list the . . .

Top Ten Reasons Why Computer Projects Fail

by Sally Dolon 

10. Were 90% done.

9. Well get back to you in a year when its finished. 

8. A slight change in priorities. You can finish the Sistine Chapel later, Michelangelo. 

7. Were behind schedule, but no problem. Well just add more people. 

6. Assuming it all goes right, . . . 

5. Oh, I forgot. We don't use that field like it says. 

4. Looks great, but now we need to add a basement. 

3. I wonder what they meant by revenue. 

2. You guys start programming and Ill go find out what they want. 

and the number one reason why projects crash and burn . . .

1. Dont worry. The overall concept will come together at the end.