So you're thinking of becoming an actuary. You must first recognize the arduous requirements and potential side-effects based on the . . .

Top Ten Membership Requirements for the Society of Actuaries

by Sally Dolon 

10. You took an oath to "protect and defend social security against all enemies, foreign and domestic."

9. You think death is an interesting statistical problem. 

8. You believe in strong unions. 

7. Your ideal mate must prove the Gauss Central Limit Theorem. 

6. You weren't smart enough to be in computers. 

5. Your calculator has more keys than your piano. 

4. You never buy lottery tickets or life insurance because "the expected value of discounted earnings is less than the present value of the bet". 

3. You passed 10 sadistic exams. 

2. You have memorized every joke you were ever told. 

1. Two words: Math Geek.