Now that the National Football League has sanctified the L.A. Rams move to St Louis, the curious are asking why. Based on inside information during the final heated debates, we list the . . .

Top Ten reasons why the Rams moved to St Louis

by Sally Dolon 

10. Tom Eagleton established the proud historical traditions which St Louis shares with Los Angeles: earthquakes (New Madrid, 1811-12), race riots (East St Louis, 1917) and insane legal decisions (Dred Scott, 1852-57).

9. St Louis is closer to New York City.

8. NFL owners were impressed by a video of "Meet Me in St Louis" staring Judy Garland.

7. Polls show St Louis taxpayers believe subsidizing sports millionaires is the key to public pride.

6. Bill Bidwill attributed the success of the Phoenix Cardinals to their St Louis roots.

5. The old neighborhood was ruined once Al Davis moved in.

4. The Rams wanted to be closer to their fierce rivals—the New Orleans Saints.

3. Many thought St Louis was an eastern suburb of Los Angeles.

2. Georgia Frontierre is considered a great owner in St Louis.

and the number one reason the Rams left southern California paradise 

1. money