Pop-star teen-idol Michael Jackson was recently interviewed on network television. We gained more insight into the legend. We learned his love of humanity even though his life has been unfair. But we were left with even more questions we wanted to ask, namely the . . .

Top Ten Questions for Michael Jackson

by Sally Dolon 

10. What's Oprah like?

9. What does "Beat It" mean? 

8. Where do you get your hair done? 

7. Was Elvis at the wedding? 

6. If a 30 year old man was surgically altered to look female and then slept with teenage boys but did NOT have any musical ability-- would such a man be considered warped? 

5. Do you believe in Tinkerbell? 

4. Have you seen O.J.'s other glove? 

3. Given that teenagers around the globe adore you-- Are you a male role model or a female role model-- or do you reject such sexist stereotyping? 

2. Will the Jackson Five ever get back together? 

and the number one question we're dying to ask Michael

1. Hey, Aren't you Janet Jackson?