Recent critics of President Clinton accuse him unfairly of having no core beliefs. In defense of the President we list the . . .

Top Ten Core Beliefs of Bill Clinton

by Sally Dolon 

10 Big Mac and Fries beats Quarter Pounder with cheese

9 Marijuana has little effect when not inhaled.

8 Elvis and Bill could have been a great band.

7 The Federal Budget should be balanced by the year 2020.

6 History will show that restoring Haitian democracy was more significant than Reagan winning the cold war.

5 My wife doesn't understand me.

4 Why even try to fool all the people all the time-- if you fool more than the next guy, you win.

3 Hey, I'd rather have two opinions than none at all.

2 Core Beliefs are over-rated.

and the most deeply held conviction of President Slick Willie ...

1 I am the clear best choice to run this country.