It was bound to leak out sooner or later-- the final deliberations from the trial of the century. Now available for public scrutiny (of course!), we list the . . .


Top Ten Comments During O.J. Jury Deliberations

by Sally Dolon 

10. What was the point of those NBA blood tests?

9. What say we watch that cute limo driver testimony once more?

8. One of us should tell Marcia Clark to change her hair.

7. I wonder what's been in the news lately?

6. Do you think OJ would sign this football for me?

5. What do you think? Should I do Oprah or Larry King first?

4. It's been great. You guys are a riot.

3. Who's Adolf Hitler?

2. Has it really been ten months? It seems like it just started.

1. I don't like it. I still think Fuhrman was guilty.