Enough already. I am so sick of patriotic bozos and their constant griping at the United Nations. Maybe the U.N. isn't so great at world peace, but I'd like to see them do better. They never say anything good about the U.N.-- not even when they sponsor something like the Fourth International Conference on Women's Rights in Beijing. So read them and weep, fellas. Here comes the . . .

Top Ten Reasons to Support the U.N. Women's Conference in China

by Sally Dolon 

10. Slave labor keeps hotel rates cheap.

9. Personally, I just can't hear enough of Bella Abzug.

8. It fulfills Marxist prophecies on the inevitable collapse of capitalism at the hands of the exploited international female proletariat.

7. It's better than peace-keeping in Bosnia.

6. It raises consciousness. (Hey! That's not funny, pig!)

5. Personally, I can't see enough of Bella Abzug.

4. Planned Parenthood test markets new goal: Limit, one child per customer.

3. Legendary Chinese patience gains new respect.

2. It gets Harry Wu out of prison. (wait, this one is true.)

and the number one benefit of feminism parading in China . . .

1. It gets Hillary out of the country