We all want to be kinder and gentler, but more and more people are slipping backward into mean-spirited thinking. As a public service we investigated the early warning signals of this disease. We found some groups which are particularly high risk. Please seek out professional help from a Federally-approved clinic if you test positive for any of the . . .

Top Ten Warning Signs You May Be a Mean-Spirited Republican

by Sally Dolon 

10. You're a white male.

9. You tolerate public smoking.

8. You secretly believe Hillary's "cattle" profits were a bribe.

7. You own a gun and a Bible.

6. None of your friends have AIDS.

5. You still say: "America is a great country."

4. You never watch Oprah Winfrey.

3. Rich people don't offend you.

2. Your kids know nothing about condoms.

1. You complain about high taxes.