Some people scoff at General Colin Powell running for president. They say he lacks vision and label him a "stealth candidate". Have they already forgotten his courage? Colin Powell was the first Chairman of the Armed Forces to say "kill" rather than "neutralize" in front of the press corps. I say: close your eyes and hold your nose in the voting booth. Here's why you'll eventually pull the lever for Ross Perot, Part Two-- the empire strikes back. Once you read them, there's no escaping the logic of the . . . 

Top Ten Reasons Why Colin Powell should be President

by Sally Dolon 

10. Combine Perot's money with Powell's race. Result? Is he left? Is he right? No, he's Super-Candidate!

9. Remember other generals who became great presidents such as Zachary Taylor, Ullyses Grant, and Dwight Eisenhower.

8. He risked his own life to restore Haitian democracy. (Wait, sorry. That was Clinton who risked Powell's life.)

7. If Powell gets the black vote, the Democratic party can be declared officially brain-dead. Then we can mercifully pull the plug on it and end all this suffering.

6. So far as we know, he has never changed his mind on Bosnia.

5. He is a natural leader with deep convictions such as: always obey orders.

4. He is the least of three evils.

3. Powell's middle-of-the-road outlook is exactly what we need-- now that the Budget is balanced and spending is under control.

2. If Powell's elected, Schwartzkopf and Cheney agreed to another Iraqi war. (if the U.N. consents)

and the number one proof that Powell's got the answer ...

1. Think about it-- any kid growing up with the name "Colin" has got to be tough!