Now that Oregon Senator Bob Packwood has left office in disgrace-- forced out by fears of public diary readings and enough "kiss-and-tell" to threaten daytime television ratings,I think it is time we blame the real culprit-- it was society's fault, not Packwood's. He merely reflected the Senate standards of his time. Afterall, he never forced himself on women.Maybe he put his tongue in a few surprised mouths, but hey-- what woman could resist a seductive man like Senator Packwood? Judge for yourself after reading the . . .

Top Ten Pick-Up Lines of Bob Packwood

by Sally Dolon 

10. I am totally committed to women's sexual freedom. Believe me.

9. Funny you should call me "tongue-in-cheek".

8. Hey, baby. How'd you like to see how a bill becomes a law?

7. Ted Kennedy? Sure, I talk to him all the time.

6. I hate to brag, but I've been told I give great subsidies.

5. You remind me of someone dear to me. Were you ever a lobbyist?

4. Trust me. I'm not like those "conservative" Republicans.

3. The press doesn't understand me.

2. Let's go back to my place and talk politics.

and the number one line that worked for Senator Bob . . .


1. You can write this off your taxes, you know.