Many have ridiculed President Clinton's New Covenant with America. Some accuse him of being vain enough to compare himself with the covenants in the Law of Moses. They don't understand. The President is striving to update the civic values of a lost nation. We challenge those critics to deny any of the . . .

Top Ten Guidelines under Clinton's New Covenant

by Sally Dolon 

10. You should remember April 15th and respect its deadlines.

9. Abortion, though readily available and tax-funded, should be the last alternative. (obviously)

8. You shall not profit.

7. Working persons of the world, unite!

6. You shall have no authority above the Federal Government and its judges.

5. You should try not to cheat.

4. Always feel the pain of others (especially when it gains you control).

3. Do not flaunt your power before the taxpayers.

2. You should think real hard before lying.


and the number one suggestion under Clinton's promised future . . .

1. You must Never get caught