"First, sign this oath!?"

The LOP Agenda, What should be done?

Open the Party! To diverse principles. To political thinking. To effective campaigns.

Remove the Oath.
We promote the Million Dollar Idea to remove the oath from the National LP
We organize to remove the oath from all affiliated state party bylaws.
We answer the question, "Should you sign the oath?"
We provide fellow Libertarians with our Form to Revoke the LP Oath.
Read one man's frustration, An Open Letter to the National Libertarian Party--
and also our Charter, A Summary Opinion against requiring the LP Oath.


Libertarians for an Open Party was founded in 1999.

First things first-- Open the Party! by removing "the oath".

We demand an effective political party. We demand Equal & Open membership for "minarchists".

We recognize the harmful importance of requiring the anarchist oath.


We Promote The Million Dollar Idea to Remove the LP Oath

We shall find and enlist 1,000 people who will each become $1,000 lifetime NLP members if the oath is removed. We thus prove the idea to remove the oath is literally "worth a million dollars"!

Read more about the Million Dollar Idea, see the list of pledges, read the resolution and sign up yourself!


We provide a Welcome Home for the Outcast Libertarians

We, too, are Libertarians. We provide a home for all the outcast Libertarians who have not signed the oath. When the oath says "leave", we say "Welcome. Don't leave over such nonsense! Instead, join with us to build an open party."

We openly encourage people to join the Libertarian Party-- and to not sign the (anarchist) oath.

To those now faced with joining the party, we answer the question, "Should you sign the oath?"
To those who signed and later wished they hadn't, we provide a Form to Revoke the LP Oath.
To those "sick of fights over the oath"?-- We say, "then (help us) get rid of it!"


We are often asked, "Should outcast Libertarians still contribute to the National Party?"

We promote contributions to Libertarian candidates and organizations which are committed to an open party. We openly support a suggested list of these.

We suggest a general rule-- contribute to organizations which do not exclude you from membership.

We ask, "why would you contribute to a party which denies you equal membership? why would you contribute to a candidate who supports this denial?" We've never heard a good answer.