"First, sign this oath!?"

The Million Dollar Idea to Remove the LP Oath

What is it worth to remove the oath? For some people, it is worth becoming $1,000 lifetime members once the Oath is completely removed from the National LP Bylaws!

Our goal is to find and enroll one-thousand people who are each resolved to become $1,000 lifetime members, if and when the oath is completely removed.

AND THUS, the idea to remove the oath is literally "worth a million dollars"!

If you would like to be included on this list, please contact: Lloyd Sloan (lloyd@inlink.com)

Libertarians for an Open Party was founded in 1999.


A Resolution to remove the oath from the LP Bylaws

Whereas, the National Libertarian Party Bylaws (Article 7 Section 1) require members to certify in writing against "inititiation of force" for social goals,

And Whereas, we believe this (or any other) required Oath injures the party in many ways-- by fostering a utopian, dogmatic culture; by condemning the party to endless arguments over the meaning of the oath; by corrupting the party to fraudulently misrepresent the oath to others; and even by contradicting the essential political mission and effectiveness of the party,

And Whereas, we believe this Oath does prohibit advocating any Taxes, any Courts of Justice, and also the American Constitution, in effect, making it a required Anarchist Oath,

And Whereas, Americans long established that governments are instituted among men deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed for the ends of securing and protecting equal rights for all, among which rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, in effect, forming a nation of "Minarchists" and not Anarchists,

And Whereas, the overwhelming majority of American voters are not Anarchists today, and are not the least bit likely to become Anarchists in the foreseeable future, if ever,

And Whereas, the Libertarian Party needs such Americans as both voters and members,


THEREFORE we, the following, do firmly resolve that the Libertarian Party open its doors and completely remove the oath from its Bylaws,

AND we urge the delegates to the Libertarian Party National Convention to completely remove the oath as a condition for membership,

AND as our earnest incentive and sincere commitment to these delegates, we each pledge $1,000 for lifetime membership when the National Libertarian Party has completely removed the oath as a requirement for membership.


The "Million Dollar Club" to Remove the LP Oath
 Date  State  Name  URL  e-mail
 1998 Nov 11  MO  Lloyd T. Sloan  Why  lloyd@inlink.com
 1999 Sep 29  MO  Eric S. Harris    eric_harris_76@yahoo.com
 1999 Oct 21  MO  Greg Tlapek    Gtlapek@aol.com
 1999 Oct 28  MO  Arnold Trembley    arnold.trembley@worldnet.att.net