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As an optimistic public service, I have provided this Hypertext U.S. Constitution. (53KB)




Some (old) Musings and Talk Show Archives

A Day in the City of God

An inspirational parable by Lloyd Sloan

Top Ten Lists

Some top ten lists written in the 1980s by “Sally Dolon

Libertarians for an Open Party

Organized to end the required anarchistic oath from the U.S. National LP bylaws and open up the party in the 1990s

Sloan Ranger Show

Archives from the Sloan Ranger Show
(WGNU AM radio 2001-2007)

On (Upper Left Whig) Politics: Maps and Diagrams

The Two Question Quiz

The Equality-Freedom (E-F) Whig Political Map

E-F Map Jeffersonian Whigs

E-F Political Map: Jefferson and the Whig-Tory Diagonal

E-F Map: Fascism

E-F Political Map: Fascism in the (lower right tory) Middle

E-F Map: Property

E-F Political Map: The Property Diagonal

Whig Dialectics

Whig Dialectics (Compromise, Triangulation)

Whig E-F Metrics

Measuring Equality and Freedom over time (1969-2008)

On Politics: Issues and Writings

No MO Sales Tax

A Guidebook on Taxation and Abolishing Sales Taxes

On the 1776 American Declaration of Independence

Declaration Outline

One-Page Overview of the Declaration

Declaration Summary

Declaration Summary (3 concepts, 2 principles)

Declaration Framework

Declaration Framework (Two Basic E-F Questions. Who? Why?)

On the U.S. Constitution: Diagrams and Writings

Constitution Meaning

Three Doctrines of Interpretation: How to decide what it means?

Constitution Factions

The major Constitutional Factions: Amend and How?

Why Federalism?

Why is federalism better? (Divided Powers = Minority Rights)

Levin Report Card

Critical Review (Summary Table) of Mark Levin’s Eleven Proposed “Liberty Amendments”

Constitution Outline

One-Page Overview of the U. S. Constitution (by 2019 Feb)

Constitutional Awakening

A Catechism Approach for “We, the People” (by 2019 Mar)

SCOTUS Best-Worst

The Top 10 Best and Worst cases in U.S. Supreme Court history

On SPA (State Powers Amendment)

SPA Petition (MO 2018)

Model Legislation Proposal: SPA (State Powers Amendment) by Two-Step Petition Approach (MO 2018 SCR48)

SPA Guidebook

Complete Guidebook (Completion by 2019 Feb)

SPA Presentation

Powerpoint Slides for a 2018 Talk on SPA

SPA Handout (2-page)

Handout with talking points

SPA Flyer (Half-page)

Brief Flyer

Nullification Flyer

Handout: what’s wrong with single-state nullification?




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