Critics of Outcome Based Education (OBE) call it another useless bureaucratic reform. They say it further dumbs down the standards and sidetracks genuine efforts to hold schools accountable for performance. We say: how uneducated. We believe the public school system is much too important to not rely on the experts. Leaving matters to parents is a prescription for disaster. Nevertheless, to defend the integrity of education professionals, we openly refute these false critics. In order to clearly demonstrate how OBE prepares American children for the needs of the 21st century we list the . . .

Top Ten Graduation Requirements under Outcome Based Education

by Sally Dolon 

10. In what year did Columbus arrive to exploit the native Americans?

9. If a White Lesbian and a Black Drug Addict are equally qualified for the same job, who gets priority?

a. There is insufficient information given. Federal Form 1087b is required in this case. 

b. Regardless of the decision, either can file a valid discrimination suit with NLRB. 

c. The employer should be forced to hire both. 

d. All of the above 

8. Of the fundamental problems with America, which one was NOT inherent at the founding of the Constitution?

a. Racism b. Sexism c. Capitalism d. Imperialism e. Protestantism 

7. What is the state capitol of Missouri?

(The NEA regrets this culturally-biased arbitrary fact-based question. It is the remnant of a backward era when religious bigots and non-progressive memory-drillers used public schools to indoctrinate American children.) 

6. If AFDC payments are $250 per child and a woman requires $375 rent and $165 car payment, what is the minimum number of children she needs assuming no food stamps or disability income? (You may use a calculator. There is no penalty for guessing or going over.)

5. Have you sufficiently mastered a broad diversity of sociological and multi-cultural methods for evaluating, communicating, and internalizing key components relating to the future roles and changing dynamics of personal development and awareness? (A simple yes or no is sufficient.)

4. Is an Egyptian in Chicago an African-American?

3. Which word does NOT fit?

a. Conservative b. Republican c. Racist d. Mean-spirited e. Unselfish 

2. At current rates of rainforest destruction, in how many months will the Ozone be depleted and the Earth destroyed?

And the number one requirement for all OBE graduates is . . .

1.         Do you feel good about yourself?