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Date Description
April 7, 2006 FEATURE: Movie Reviews with Mark Glass.
Remembering the Domino Theory.
CLIP: The Sloan Ranger advises President Bush about how to discredit Scooter Libby.
INTERVIEW: Bobby Eberle,
April 6, 2006 The Sloan Ranger answers: "What is a wasted vote?" and adds some thoughts on Katie Couric and whether adding two fractions should be required before voting?
Remembering the U.S. Declaration of War in First World War. Also Ivan Dixon (Hogan's Heroes) and Merle Haggard.
A Trivia Race: which do Americans know better, the constitution or Hogan's Heroes?
CLIP: Sloan Ranger and Merle Haggard duet: green grass of home.
April 5, 2006 Election results and some lessons learned in Mehlville, Ballwin and Sunset Hills.
CLIP: Song parody "Homes, homes take for gain (or The Eminent Domain Song) performed by MUSYC (, lyrics by Lloyd Sloan.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago makes the case for breakfast for dinner and how to make waffles while driving and listening to the Sloan Ranger.
April 4, 2006 Election Day and remembering TV Flipper and the assassination of Martin Luther King.
CLIP: Bob answers the trivia while Flipper and the Sloan Ranger save the world from nuclear bombs.
April 3, 2006 Move to weekdays at 5pm. Discuss Dave Lenihan, former WGNU talk show host who was fired unfairly by KTRS after 8 days on the air. Also remembering Jesse James.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago and some driving tips for drive time listeners.
March 17, 2006 Special Edition: 5pm.
March 16, 2006 Special Edition: 5pm.
March 15, 2006 Special Edition: 8pm-10pm.
March 13, 2006 .
March 10, 2006 Special Edition: 1pm.
March 6, 2006 .
March 3, 2006 Special Edition: 1pm.
February 27, 2006 .
February 22, 2006 Special Edition: 12pm-2pm.
February 20, 2006 .
February 17, 2006 Special Edition: 12pm-2pm.
February 13, 2006 .
February 10, 2006 Special Edition: 1pm.
February 6, 2006 .
January 30, 2006 .
January 23, 2006 .
January 19, 2006 Special Edition: Friday 3pm.
January 16, 2006 (Switched to Mondays, 7pm, one hour.) The first Monday night show.
January 10, 2006 The last Tuesday night show.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago.
January 3, 2006 .
December 20, 2005 CLIP: Warren from Chicago.
December 13, 2005 CLIP: Warren from Chicago.
December 7, 2005 Special Edition: two nights in a row! Remembering Pearl Harbor and Eli Wallach.
INTERVIEW: (9pm) Bill Hannegan with "Keep St. Louis Free" discusses the smoking ban in Ballwin and upcoming city council meeting Monday, December 12.
December 6, 2005

The Sloan Ranger asks the hard questions: Are we winning in Iraq? (So how come we haven't withdrawn any soldiers and have no plans to do so?)
Is it kosher to say "Merry Christmas" on the Holidays?

Also, we remember the 13th amendment, free Ireland, Ira Gershwin and the original mother-in-law witch, Agnes Moorehead (Endora on Bewitched).

November 29, 2005 INTERVIEW: (8pm) Two stand-up comics from Westport Funny Bone, Jeremy Essig and Kevin Patterson. What's it like to be a stand-up comic? Do women have a better sense of humor? Remembering Mr. Miyagi (Karate Kid). Speaking of obvious topics beaten to death on talk radio, what about the gay pedophile priests?
CLIP: Warren from Chicago wants to know: why aren't there more women stand-up comics?
CLIP: This is just a news clip quoting Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (defending Truth, English, and Counter-Insurgency). Now I ask you: who wouldn't trust such a man?
November 25, 2005 Special Turkey Edition. The Sloan Ranger goes up against Rush Limbaugh from noon-2pm on Friday after Thanksgiving.
November 22, 2005 Democrat Congressman Murtha drops a bomb on Iraq: "immediate withdrawal" "at the earliest practicable date." The Sloan Ranger remembers the Kennedy assassination, C.S. Lewis and Monty Python.
CLIP: Dean proposes to torture people until they confess that the Sloan Ranger is the best talk show host in America.
CLIP: Gertie calls the Sloan Ranger to thank him for remembering the Desert Fox, Erwin Rommel. (9 on the 10 point sweetness scale for talk radio calls.)
CLIP: Warren from Chicago is upset. He calls with an adamant defense of Torture and Holy Matrimony.
November 15, 2005 Reading the signs of the times in recent elections. Are Republicans sinking with Bush? Is it safe for Democrats to raise taxes again? Petula Clark, Sherman and Rommel.
CLIP: Kathy from California called to advise the Sloan Ranger on the recent elections and to offer hope that the state of California might still be saved from collapse, if only Zorro returns! "I wish they all could be California Girls."
November 8, 2005 The Republican Revolution? Don't make me laugh. Are Republicans in trouble for the 2006 mid-term elections? Is France going for the world record: longest riot ever-- 13 days and still going. Also remembering: Gottlob Frege and Margaret Mitchell to the music of Patti Page, Bonnie Raitt and Rickie Lee Jones.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago can't get enough cheese and honors the first man to ever eat it.
CLIP: Dorothy calls from Oz and thinks it's Mascoutah, Illinois.
November 1, 2005 Rosa Parks and Harriet Miers, Rest In Peace. We ask: "Is the Civil Rights movement done? If not, where's it going?" and "if most whites hate blacks, then how come blacks got the vote?" Also remembering All Saint's Day, Lyle Lovett, Notre Dame and Seabiscuit.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago called about the birthdays and how men get run over and trampled by Julia Roberts and bulls and things like that.
CLIP: Julie called about the honorary "patron saint of recycling" following a Lyle Lovett tune
October 25, 2005 INTERVIEW: Lisa De Pasquale, Program Director of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute (CBLPI) Also FREE! giveaway to callers! 2006 Great American Conservative Women Calendar. Plus, remembering Helen Reddy, Strauss (the younger) and the Battle of Agincourt.
Missouri death penalty case at midnight in Potosi.
CLIP: The Sloan Ranger rants on when to shut up and say nothing.
October 18, 2005 Tribute to Chuck Berry. Great Lessons in Sports from Albert Pujols: "it ain't over until the fat lady sings." Who won: the Iraq election? the Toledo riots? Did God tell Bush to invade Iraq? And who would Jesus bomb?
CLIP: Warren from Chicago argues that Beamon's long jump is over rated.
CLIP: Enough Catholic bashing already
CLIP: Three strikes on a childish question
CLIP: Don't Blink: Jesus died for Chuck Berry
CLIP: Rico hates history
October 11, 2005 INTERVIEW: Bobby Eberle, Republican Strategist and President of GOPUSA
What's wrong with Bush appointing Harriet Miers? Remembering Saturday Night Live.
CLIP: Kathy from California has a good memory
CLIP: Rant on Dred Scott, why Bush should not appoint judges
CLIP: Ed knows his Saturday Night Live trivia
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, obsessed with Coneheads
October 4, 2005 INTERVIEW: Rory Kyle, Tae Kwon Do Master (plus sound clips from Kung Fu!)
Remembering Sputnik and Leave It To Beaver, both launched same day 1957. Bill Bennett and crime statistics by race.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, pays homage to "Leave It To Beaver" 
September 27, 2005 INTERVIEW: Vikram Amar, Professor of Law, University California Hastings on the nomination of John Roberts for Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
September 20, 2005 Bush and Katrina, Remembering “The Battle of the Sexes”  and also "Harry" Langenberg. e-mail lesson: Katrina teaches us that some people have a religious faith in government. Is Bush stupid? NO! Bush is a phoney. Remember the Doug Wead tapes.
September 13, 2005 Remembering Gilligan: Bon Voyage little buddy. Who’s to blame for Katrina? And Why? It's the levee, stupid. Watching Fox news Special Report: What is “rule of law?” What is a judicial activist? 
September 6, 2005 INTERVIEW: Jay Lehr of Heartland Institute on Global Warming
August 30, 2005 INTERVIEW: Bill Hannegan and Darla Maloney on the St. Louis County Smoking Ban defeat
August 23, 2005 CLIP: Warren from Chicago, what's the definition of insanity? (as applied to the BTK killer)
August 16, 2005 INTERVIEW:: "Elvis" Presley Impersonator Steve Davis
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, in awe of Elvis Presley's relations with women 
August 9, 2005 Was Peter Jennings the greatest television news anchor? Who cares? THIS JUST IN: Natalee Holloway is still missing in Aruba!
Remembering Nagasaki: was it wrong to drop the atomic bomb? Should the space shuttle be scrapped? The end of an era: the Cardinals are leaving KMOX. Is it time for me to say “I told you so” about Iraq?
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, The Mars Rover almost makes the News 
August 2, 2005 Would you like fries with that (Iraq) constitution?
INTERVIEW CLIP: Kathy Maschal Walsh, Advice on attending a high school renunion.
CLIP: The Constitution Thing, "you must be a right-wing nut" (Danelle)
CLIP: e-mail from Gordon H., good news for the Sloan Ranger, blind teenager is video game expert.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, advice on high school reunions and pie-eating contests.  
July 26, 2005 CLIP: Warren from Chicago, what's your sign? (on birthdays and horoscopes) 
July 19, 2005 Bush nominates John Roberts. Henry V playing at the St. Louis Shakespeare. Is Iran a democracy?  Why elections are over-rated, on the birthday of Samuel Colt. Trying to make sense of the CIA Plame/Rove scandal. Why is Judith Miller in jail?
July 12, 2005 Remembering Shelby Foote. Are labor unions dead?
July 5, 2005 CLIP: Kathy from California, Iraqi Mercenaries and how to profit in war
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, Fireworks Safety 
June 28, 2005 Special time 9pm-11pm. Eminent Domain and black illegitimacy. 
June 21, 2005 Summer Solstice and history of Father's Day. Remembering Mississippi Burning.
June 14, 2005 Supreme Court (Gonzales v. Raich), Marijuana and Interstate Commerce. Which judges are the extreme judges?
CLIP: (bad recording) Warren from Chicago raises major doubts in the Michael Jackson and Enron cases
June 7, 2005 INTERVIEW: Thomas Frank, author of "What's the Matter with Kansas?"
CLIP: Warren from Chicago asks for a recap of the show or was it a rant about "what's wrong with Democrats?"
May 31, 2005 CLIP: Warren from Chicago calls about names for Johnny Paycheck and the advanced technology of Amtrak voice recognition
May 24, 2005 The Party that Cried Wolf. (Democrats blink at filibuster)
CLIP: Warren from Chicago impersonates a theater and movie critic in a "Brechtian" manner.
May 17, 2005 Newsweek story: flushing the Koran. Brown v. Board anniversary, Dennis Hopper and Godspell remembered
CLIP: Warren from Chicago asks for a recap and shares ideas to reform marriage a la the French model.
May 10, 2005 CLIP: Warren from Chicago interviews Winston Churchill about drinking and other leadership qualities in the war between men and women.
May 3, 2005 CLIP: Kathy from California sings the oldies: "Everybody wants to rule the world"
April 26, 2005 Video: Police Handcuffed 5-Year-Old Girl
April 19, 2005 German Cardinal Ratzinger elected pope 
April 12, 2005 INTERVIEW: Marshall Fritz, founder of the Alliance for the Separation of School and State
April 6, 2005 Special Show 4pm-6pm drive time. INTERVIEW CLIP: "How to ride a bike", Katelyn Sloan and Dani Minella.
April 5, 2005 Schiavo Dies and why Republicans like John Danforth are useless.
March 29, 2005 (Switched to 8pm-10pm.) INTERVIEW: Funny Bone comics, Kevin Patterson and Jeremy Essig
March 22, 2005 Would you want to live like Terri Schiavo?
March 15, 2005 Special four hours on the air: 8pm-midnight
March 8, 2005 Non-Smoking Ban in St. Louis County
March 1, 2005 Why Gloria can’t Multiply. Are women equal in science? Can a Harvard President even ask this question? 
CLIP: Warren from Chicago advocates a slow death penalty: life in prison to the tunes of Barry Manilow
February 22, 2005 Thoughts on George Washington (and Ted Kennedy?)
February 15, 2005 Arthur Miller dies. Shiites Win! The War to make the World Safe for Theocracy (When is a theocracy a democracy? When the people vote for it.) North Korea has nukes! And Condi forgives them.
In Defense of Holy Crusades, Empires, little Eichmanns and Open Debate
February 8, 2005 NO Archive. (No show that night?)
February 1, 2005 Iraqi Elections, I ran in Iraq. My favorite bumper sticker: Don’t bomb me. I didn’t vote.
January 25, 2005 Johnny Carson dies. Dissecting the Bush Inaugural Speech.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago is bummed about the war . . . between men and women and the latest casualty, the President of Harvard.
January 18, 2005 The Search is Over! Bush officially ended the hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction. Martin Luther King holiday.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago tempted to "wish it would rain" and how to save social security by freezing the old people until we can pay them
CLIP: Ed Miles with two questions: social security and the constitution
CLIP: Debbie hits my hot-button: hard facts about social security
January 11, 2005 Is the Tsunami the worst natural disaster? Does it prove there is no God? [Scarborough Country]
CLIP: Warren from Chicago answers the BIG question: why would a just and loving God kill people in a Tsunami? If God is everything, then God died too?
January 4, 2005 CLIP: Phil from California discusses transfer of power and taxes back to states and sundry revolutionary topics.
CLIP: Ed Miles wants to know: what's a bankrupt government to do? Then time runs out for auld lang syne.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago asks: what was the worst choice of 2004? Bush picks Condi Rice? Brittany Spears?
December 28, 2004 NO Archive. (No show. Out on vacation.)
December 21, 2004 CLIP: Phil from California.
December 14, 2004 .
December 7, 2004 Remembering Andy Williams
November 30, 2004 .
November 23, 2004 .
November 16, 2004 .
November 9, 2004 .
November 2, 2004 .
October 26, 2004 .
October 19, 2004 .
October 12, 2004 CLIP: Jeff Heaton CLIP: Warren from Chicago
October 5, 2004 INTERVIEW: Coalition for Open Debates
September 28, 2004 .
September 21, 2004 .
September 14, 2004 .
September 7, 2004 .
August 31, 2004 .
August 24, 2004 .
August 17, 2004 INTERVIEW: "Elvis" Presley Impersonator Steve Davis
August 10, 2004 .
August 3, 2004 CLIP: Kenyan Runners
July 27, 2004 CLIP: Gay Marriage, CLIP: Pay phone 
July 20, 2004 CLIP: Annie and the Moon 
July 13, 2004 .
July 6, 2004 .
July 5, 2004 Special show noon-2pm. INTERVIEW: Eric Schansberg, author of "Neither to the Right nor to the Left"
June 29, 2004 CLIP: An Honest White Man CLIP: Bambi CLIP: Is the Pope catholic? CLIP: White Face on Lying CLIP: Blood Pressure CLIP: Minister Mike CLIP: Warren from Chicago 
June 22, 2004 .
June 15, 2004 .
June 8, 2004 NO Archive
June 1, 2004 NO Archive
May 25, 2004 NO Archive
May 18, 2004 CLIP: Breyer Rant CLIP: Warren from Chicago
May 11, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
May 4, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 27, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 20, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 13, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 6, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
March 30, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
March 23, 2004 .
March 16, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
March 9, 2004 .
March 2, 2004 .
February 24, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
February 17, 2004 .
February 10, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
February 3, 2004 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
January 27, 2004 .
January 20, 2004 .
January 13, 2004 Joe Millionaire. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. CLIP: Warren from Chicago
January 6, 2004 .
December 30, 2003 .
December 23, 2003 NO Archive
December 16, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
December 9, 2003 .
December 2, 2003 Dan Byington 
November 25, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
November 18, 2003 .
November 11, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
November 4, 2003 .
October 28, 2003 .
October 21, 2003 .
October 14, 2003 INTERVIEW: Toni Maddi 
October 10, 2003 Special show 4-6pm drive time.
October 7, 2003 INTERVIEW: Michael Badnarik. INTERVIEW CLIP: Bill Clinton on California recall results.
September 30, 2003 .
September 23, 2003 .
September 16, 2003 .
September 9, 2003 .
September 2, 2003 Intro
August 26, 2003 INTERVIEW: "Elvis" Presley Impersonator Steve Davis CLIP: Warren from Chicago
August 19, 2003 INTERVIEW CLIP: Bill Clinton Happy Birthday
CLIP: Warren from Chicago.
CLIP: Jeff Heaton. 
August 12, 2003 .
August 5, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
July 29, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
July 22, 2003 CLIP: Dave Snell
July 15, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
July 8, 2003 NO Archive
July 1, 2003 NO Archive
June 24, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
June 17, 2003 .
June 10, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago (twice that night! The power was out?) 
June 3, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
May 27, 2003 .
May 20, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
May 13, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
May 6, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 29, 2003 NO Archive
April 22, 2003 (Switched back to 10pm-midnight) CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 15, 2003 INTERVIEW: Roderick Long Why must Government be abolished? (still 7pm-9pm)
INTERVIEW CLIP: Tax Day report on the street from Ellie McCarthy.
CLIP: Bill Zimmerly 1 Corinthians = grow up already 
April 8, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
April 1, 2003 INTERVIEW CLIP: First Lady "Laura Bush" (April Fool's edition)
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, Secret Service reveals tobacco in white house
CLIP: Taliban Darkies, after enough aggravation, the first off-color remark on the air that I later regret.  
March 25, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago. CLIP: Bill Zimmerly.
March 18, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago. CLIP: Bill Zimmerly.
March 11, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago
March 4, 2003 CLIP: Warren from Chicago. CLIP: Brad Ems.
February 25, 2003 CLIP: English Tourist Jo Workman
CLIP: Warren from Chicago, Mark Spitz = Osama bin Laden
February 18, 2003 NO Archive
February 11, 2003 (Switched to 7pm-9pm)  Thomas Edison, Eva Gabor, Tina Louise, Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Anniston. Archie Comics debuts. 1st Gerrymander law. Mandela freed. Iranian Revolution.
February 4, 2003 (10pm-midnight)  Charles Lindbergh, Rosa Parks, Betty Friedan, Alice Cooper. 1st electoral college 1789,  1st Confederate Congress, 24th amendment (no poll taxes) certified, Patty Hearst kidnapped.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago 
January 28, 2003 Remembering Roe v. Wade anniversary. Borelli, George Pickett, Henry Stanley, John Banner, Alan Alda, 1986 Challenger explosion
CLIP: Warren from Chicago. CLIP: Bill Zimmerly. 
January 21, 2003 John C. Fremont, Stonewall Jackson, Roger Baldwin, Wolfman Jack. Louis XVI executed. Alfalfa killed. Alger Hiss found guilty. Carter pardons draft evaders. USS Nautilus launched.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago. 
January 14, 2003 (10pm-midnight) Joe Millionaire. Benedict Arnold, Jack Jones, "Simpson's" premier, Marilyn Monroe weds Joe Dimaggio.
CLIP: Warren from Chicago. 
January 7, 2003 NO Archive. Year in Review. Death of Greg Freeman  Millard Filmore, Butterfly MCQueen, Paul Revere and Raiders, 1st U.S. presidential election 1789. Galileo discovers 4 moons of Jupiter.
December 17, 2002 NO Archive. Trent Lott
December 10, 2002 NO Archive. Gordon Baum called (14th and Brown v. Board)
December 3, 2002 NO Archive. Andy Williams
November 26, 2002 NO Archive. Thanksgiving show.
November 5, 2002 NO Archive. Election Night.
October 29, 2002 NO Archive. INTERVIEW: Debate for U.S. Senate in Missouri between Libertarian and Green Party candidates
Why television sucks: the DC sniper coverage-- three hours of television reporting = 30 seconds of information "Black Tuesday" (1929), Nat. Org. for Women (1966) / Richard Dreyfuss, Kate Jackson (Charlie's Angels)
October 22, 2002 NO Archive. Elections: what's the diff between carnahan and talent? Mickey Mouse Club.
JFK blockade of Cuba (1962), "pretty boy" floyd killed, 1st xerox, God created the universe per Bishop Ussher / Annette Funicello, Timothy Leary, Christopher Lloyd
October 15, 2002 NO Archive. WGNU movie review,  Play Taps: constitution is officially dead. Congress gives Bush blank check on Iraq. Election in three weeks.
I Love Lucy debuts (1951), Goering poisons himself (1946), Vietnam moratorium (1969) / Friedrich Nietzche, Penny Marshall, Richard Carpenter. What did Goering head? What 1940 battle did Goering mishandle? What Nietzsche book has the uebermensch? What forced Aeneas to Rome?
October 8, 2002 NO Archive. INTERVIEW: Justin Raimando.  War on Iraq, Terrorism.
Alvin York kills 25 and captures 132 (1918), Great Chicago fire (1871), John Lennon releases "Imagine" (1971) / David Carradine, Paul Hogan, Jesse Jackson, Chevy Chase, Sigourney Weaver. 
October 1, 2002 NO Archive. What is the most ideal marriage ever on television? News: elections, Iraq, jury issues. Honeymooners premiers (1955), Disney World (1971), China (1949) / Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins), Capt. James Lawrence, Robert Gould Shaw
September 24, 2002 NO Archive. What is this election about-- war/economy? News: Mayor proposes tax cut for Cardinals. 
Judiciary Act of 1789, Munsters, Chicago "8" trial, Mormons renounce polygamy (1890) / John Marshall, Jim Henson, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Longest-erving chief justice? Why the Liberty Bell cracked (in 1835)? Munster's address? Oscar the Grouch home? 
September 17, 2002 NO Archive. "Constitution" show. Broken? Rewrite? Who decides and enforces? Mrs. Robinson: Which is better-- older/younger woman/man? Cheating Heart: who cheats more-- men/women?
US constitution, Antietam, Camp David, Jews assassinate UN's Bernadotte (1948), Constitution Day renamed (1952) / Hank Williams, Anne Bancroft. Constitution trivia.
September 10, 2002 NO Archive. "Remember 9-11" show. War on Iraq? What is terrorism? Do you feel safe(r) (to fly, etc.) Jackson declares against the Bank (1833), Battle of Lake Erie (1813) / Jose Feliciano. President of Jamestown 1608?
September 3, 2002 NO Archive. "Back to School" show. Why can't schools be like grocery stores?  WW2, Daniel Ellsburg break-in / Alan Ladd (Shane), Al Jardin (Beach Boys).  Who was the boy in Shane? Why no 3rd Sep, 1752?
August 27, 2002 NO Archive. INTERVIEW: "Elvis" Presley Impersonator Steve Davis  (either 27th or 20th) 
August 20, 2002 NO Archive. Should the death penalty be abolished? Enos Slaughter eulogy. Death penalty stories. Sheriff Murphy’s double-dipping deputies. 1965 Rolling Stones release "Satisfaction" (their first #1 hit in the U.S.) / Benjamin Harrison, Jim Pankow (songwriter: Chicago), Oliver Hazard Perry, Paul Tillich, Jacqueline Susann, Robert Plant, Isaac Hayes
August 13, 2002 NO Archive. Why did Prop B (tax) lose so bad? Education topics, Governor “do-overs”, Sharon/Arafat exchange insults, Mary Whitehead story. Nat Turner’s Rebellion, Battle of Britain, Berlin Wall, First American Indian converted to Protestantism.  / Bert Lahr, Alfred Hitchcock, Annie Oakely, William Caxton, Dan Fogelberg, Fidel Castro, Danny Bonaduce
August 6, 2002 INTERVIEW CLIP: Katelyn Sloan and Josh Winter "Things so obvious a child would know it." (10pm-midnight) Prop B Tax defeated. The power of incumbants. Hiroshima. WW1, constitutional convention debates. Shakers. 1st electric chair. 1st confiscation act (1861) / Lucille Ball, Tennyson, Andy Warhol. What plane dropped the bomb at Hiroshima? Lucy’s maiden name? What is the great compromise?
CLIP: Katelyn & Prop B Taxes CLIP: Prop B Rant CLIP: Tonto CLIP: Conservative Catholic Bob CLIP: Warren from Chicago CLIP: Trivia CLIP: Tom Watkins CLIP: When are taxes too high?
July 30, 2002 NO Archive. E-mail: Sloan is a woman-hating pig. Does America need a new political party? Marseillaise, House of Burgesses, Watergate / Henry Ford, Paul Anka, C. N. Parkinson. When was last time Dems/Reps came in 3rd for president? 
July 23, 2002 NO Archive. Empire and corporate fraud/corruption. Is marriage dead? What's the best way to raise children? Should moms stay home? Orson Welles 1st radio, St. Louis World's Fair / Raymond Chandler
July 16, 2002 NO Archive. Why is religion dying in America? (Amazing Grace)  Christians v. Muslims: renewed crusades, Enron and corporate fraud.  Apollo 11 launch, Great Schism, Pledge of Aqaba, 1st atom bomb, 1st parking meter. / Mary Baker Eddy, Joe Dimaggio. who was 2nd on the moon?
July 9, 2002 INTERVIEW CLIP: Katelyn Sloan on the Pledge of Allegiance. (10pm-midnight) Baseball strike, bigotry and Islam, Gays and AIDS. Zachary Taylor, Bill Haley, Tom Hanks, James Hampton (F-Troop) What party was Zachary Taylor?
CLIP: Katelyn & the Pledge CLIP: Pledge Rant CLIP: Cher & Sloan Duet CLIP: Helen CLIP: Whigs Like Me CLIP: Warren from Chicago CLIP: Why I am a whig CLIP: Dukakis CLIP: Mark is DWB 
July 2, 2002 NO Archive. "4th of July" show. Why celebrate July 4, 1776? Is the declaration of independence discredited/obsolete? American Independence declared (1776), Garfield assassinated (1882), Amistad, Denmark Vessey hanged (1822) / Thurgood Marshall, Dan Rowan, Cheryl Ladd (Charlie's Angels)
April 9, 2002 (10pm-midnight) NO Archive. My First INTERVIEW: Mike Gray, author of "Drug Crazy"
September 11, 2001 NO Archive. Special Show following WTC attack expanded to 6pm-8pm, on the air with Mike Huss.
April 24, 2001 2001 (unknown, tape #4) INTERVIEW CLIP: Bill Clinton 
April 17, 2001 CLIP: Tax Day CLIP: Cats should vote CLIP: Minister Mike
March 20, 2001 2nd Show, CLIP: Unto Caesar CLIP: Tax me more for the ballgame CLIP: Mamie CLIP: Illegal Taxpayers CLIP: Bush Negative CLIP: Warren from Chicago CLIP: Taco Bell 
March 13, 2001 The first show,  7-8pm. I am not yet "The Sloan Ranger."  CLIP: Party Line 1st
CLIP: My First Call, Marie was the first. "Is that a hint I need to not be rude?"
CLIP: One White Guy, "the one white guy who understands the OJ jury” 
CLIP: Suburban Middle Class,  once more in defense of the OJ jury.
CLIP: All Black Jury, “would you trust an all black jury to judge you?”
CLIP: Bill Zimmerly, a friend wants to know about "substantive due process"
CLIP: Eric Harris, Another friend calls. We bash Republicans. I feel better.
CLIP: Censored Already, "the war to forget the blowjobs”
CLIP: Baseball Strike, I explain why the baseball strike was treason  

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