History or "How to be a talk show host"


Weekdays (Mon-Fri) 5pm-6pm 3 April 2006 to present
Mondays 7pm-8pm 16 January 2006 to 13 March 2006
Tuesdays 8pm-10pm 29 March 2005 to 10 January 2006
Tuesdays 10pm-midnight 22 April 2003 to 22 March 2005
Tuesdays 7pm-9pm 11 February 2003 to 15 April 2003
Tuesdays 10pm-midnight Jan/Feb 2002 to 4 February 2003
Tuesdays 7pm-8pm 13 March 2001 to 2002

Since March, 2001 Lloyd Sloan has been heard on WGNU, where he is known as "The Sloan Ranger."

Lloyd says, "I had guest host trial evaluations: Monday, 26 February 2001 and Monday, 5 March 2001 On Thursday that week (March 8th) I got the call from John Minicke asking if I could do the Tuesday night 7:00 pm slot. I said, "sure-- when do I start?" He said, "next Tuesday of course." On Tuesday, 13 March 2001 I did my first show. (Beware the Ides of March)"

The Sloan Ranger Introduction
"A fiery voice with the speed of light a cloud of talk and a hearty "hi, yo caller!"-- with his faithful broadcast companion "mikey" the daring and resourceful masked debater of the airwaves leads the fight against taxes & boredom in the body politic.
Join with us now for those thrilling hours of arguments. The Sloan Ranger talks again!

When asked to label his views, Mr. Sloan answers, "I am a jeffersonian whig".

Mr. Sloan has created a hypertext application of The Writings of Thomas Jefferson. He has run for Congress, published a newspaper, authored Top Ten lists, programmed Oracle stored procedures, and taught college mathematics. He is a graduate of Harvard College.

Questions I am often asked

How did I become a talk show host? First, I like talk radio and arguing.
I took a dare from a friend.
"this man will make a great talk show host."
Two Monday air tests. "don't call us, we'll call you."
What sort of skills & training do I have?  
What's it like to be a celebrity?  
What's it like on the air? Is it fun?  
What did I learn?  
What are my favorite moments?  
My Favorite Moments
The first night. Censored! Scared amateur. I am not even myself.
40 minutes without a call (just me & slavery reparations)
My first promo and bumper-- The Sloan Ranger is born
I call myself a "Whig"
"Jesus never owned a bible" (Warren from Chicago)
"Bill Clinton"
"Can you solve a quadratic equation?"
"have you notified the federation about this?"
I become a journalist. (9-11-2001)
Some people first heard of Jack Buck's death from me (impromptu eulogy)
The caller who saw Enos "Country" Slaughter spike Jackie Robinson
My first interview: author of a book against the drug war ("Drug Crazy")
The (surprise) Elvis interview
Katelyn interview (pledge of allegiance)
WGNU Christmas party. I meet some callers.

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